HTML Snapshot ActiveX Component

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SnapUrl(String strUrl, String strPicFile);

Description: the main function to convert html to image

strUrl: The URL of the web page to be taken snapshot.

strPicFile: The local image file to be saved. It should be a valid file name. For example, c:\1.jpg or c:\1.bmp etc. Currently the component supports jpg, bmp, gif, tiff and png format. It will convert html to image in the format given by the file extension. 
For advanced users:
If you don't want to save the image to file, set strPicFile to "*". For example,

snap.SnapUrl("", "*")
Handle hBmp = snap.GetBitmapHandle()
You can get the bitmap handle in memory when the html is successfully converted to image.

SnapHtmlString(String strHtml, String strPicFile);


strUrl: A html string

strPicFile: The local image file to be saved.

SetRenderEngine(LONG engine)

Description: 1 is for firefox rendering engine, 0 for IE rendering engine (default)

Htmlsnapshot now supports using firefox to render html to image on Windows. The steps are:

1. Install Htmlsnapshot

2. Install Firefox Addon for HtmlSnapshot

3. In your code, call SetRenderEngine to enable firefox like this:

snap.SetRenderEngine 1

Note, Firefox engine doesn't supports converting html to vector image.

GetThumbnailImage(String strInputFile, String strOutputFile, Long cx, Long cy, Long bRemainRatio)


strInputFile : The input image file

strOutputFile : The thumbnail image file to be saved

cx, cy : The dimension of the thumbnail image.

bRemainRatio: If bRemainRation is 0, the thumbnail image will be exactly the size of cx, cy; else then remain the original image's aspect ratio.

ReduceColor(String strInputFile, String strOutputFile, Long nColors)

Description: Reduce the color number in input image. nColors is in [8-256].

MakeGrayImage(String strInputFile, String strOutputFile, Long bGrayOrBW)

Description: convert a color image to gray or black white only. If bGrayOrBW = 0 then, the result image is black white only, else it is gray.

SetCode(String strCode)


strCode : Set the registration code to eliminate the limitation in trial version.

SetTimeOut(Long nTimeOut)


nTimeOut : The time out value in milliseconds for SnapUrl. Using this to avoid hang. The default TimeOut value is 30000

SetDelayTime(Long nDelayTime)


nDelayTime: The time value in milliseconds to wait after  a html document is downloaded. Sometimes, a page contains ActiveX like flash, which takes some time to initialize. This method can be used to control the timing to capture the content of the dynamic embeded objects. Default nDelayTime value is 1000.

SetProxy(String proxyHost, String userName, String passWord, LONG autoConfig)

Description: allow to set custom proxy for IE

ProxyHost: could be an IP:port pair. Like this or
Username: username required by the proxy server
passWord: password required by the proxy server
autoConfig: indicate if the proxy is an automatic configuration script. 0 is for no, 1 is for yes.


snap.SetProxy "", "username", "password", 0

SetAsync(BOOL bAsync)


bAsync : If set to True, SnapUrl function will work asynchronously, which means it will return immediately without waiting for the results. Application can use the event to determine if the operation is done. If set to False, SnapUrl will wait until the operation is done or the time is out.

EnableActiveX(BOOL bEnable)


bEnable : Determine if ActiveX is enabled on the html page

EnableJava(BOOL bEnable)


bEnable : Determine if Java is enabled on the html page

EnableScript(BOOL bEnable)


bEnable : Determine if Script is enabled on the html page

SetSnapDimension(long cx, long cy)

Description: Set the width and height of the web browser window. The browser window size will affect the html document size in some way.

EnableSnapDimensionAsImageSize(BOOL bVal)

Description: Force the captured image size to be the dimension set by SetSnapDimension. If the dimension is larger than that of the html document, the gap will be filled with background color of the page. The default value is FALSE.

SetPostData(String postData)

Description: Set the data to be posted to the URL. Use this function for some urls protected by forms.

SetJPEGQuality (long n)

Description: Set the quality of JPEG Compression. n is between 0 and 100

SetDither(long n)

Description: Set the dither method when converting to 1bpp image. 0: None; 1: Floyd dithering; 2:Ordered dithering

SetTIFFEncoder(long n)

Description: Set the compression method of TIFF image. 0: LZW; 1: CCITT3; 2:CCITT4; 3: RLE; 5: None.

SetThreshold(long n)

Description: Set the threshold value (0-255) when converting image to monochrome. 

StringArray GetLinks()

Description: Return an array of links on the webpage. Call this function after SnapUrl

StringArray GetFrames()

Description: Return an array of frame urls on the webpage. Call this function after SnapUrl

String GetTitle()

Description: Return the title of the webpage. Call this function after SnapUrl

String GetSource()

Description: Return the html source of the webpage. Call this function after SnapUrl

String GetText()

Description: Return the text of the webpage. Call this function after SnapUrl

LONG GetImageWidth()

Description: Return the image width. Call this function after SnapUrl.

LONG GetImageHeight()

Description: Return the image width. Call this function after SnapUrl.

HBITMAP GetBitmapHandle()

Description: Return the bitmap handle to the image (the whole image or the clip rect) in memory. Call this function after SnapUrl. Note: you need to free the bitmap handle with DeleteObject Win32 API.

SetClipRect(long x, long y, long w, long h)

Description: Set clip rect to the image. Call this function after SnapUrl. This method affects GetBitmapHandle and SaveImage. Call this function if you want to get/save portion of the image. SetClipRect(0, 0, 0, 0) will clear the clip rect.

SaveImage(String strPicFile)

Description: Save the clip rect in the image to file . Call this function after SnapUrl.

SaveMultipageTiff(String strPicFile, LONG Height)

Description: Save the clip rect in the image to multiple page TIFF file. The height is the page height of the TIFF file. See Demo\VBScript\multipage-tifftest.vbs

SetSmoothingMode(LONG nSmooth)

Description: Set smoothing mode of resizing. Could have below values.

HtmlSnapSmoothingModeDefault = 0,
HtmlSnapSmoothingModeHighSpeed = 1,
HtmlSnapSmoothingModeHighQuality = 2,
HtmlSnapSmoothingModeNone = 3,
HtmlSnapSmoothingModeAntiAlias = 4

SetInterpolationMode(LONG nInterpolation)

Description: Set interpolation mode of resizing. Could have below values.

HtmlSnapInterpolationModeDefault = 0,
HtmlSnapInterpolationModeLowQuality = 1,
HtmlSnapInterpolationModeHighQuality = 2,
HtmlSnapInterpolationModeBilinear = 3,
HtmlSnapInterpolationModeBicubic = 4,
HtmlSnapInterpolationModeNearestNeighbor = 5,
HtmlSnapInterpolationModeHighQualityBilinear = 6,
HtmlSnapInterpolationModeHighQualityBicubic = 7

String GetCookie()

Description: Get cookie of current URL. Call this function after SnapUrl.

SetCookie(String strURL, String strName, String strData)

Description: Set cookie for the URL. 

GetCookie2(String strURL)

Description: Get cookie for the URL. 

IDispatch GetHtmlDocument()

Description: Get html document's IDispatch interface. Call this after calling SnapUrl. With this method, you can access the DOM tree of html document, and even change the document.


Description: Capture the image again after calling SnapUrl. This function will refresh the image in the memory, then you can call SaveImage or GetBitmapHandle to get the new image.

SetZoom(Double zoomRatio)

Description: Set the zoom ratio of the html page when doing snapshot. This can result in image with larger DPI.
zoomRatio: the zoon ratio of the page. it is between 1 and 5


Description: Set the image resolution on x, y axis. Some image formats like TIFF support DPI information.

GetImageBytes(String imageType)

Description: Get the in memory compressed image bytes. In this way, you can convert html to image in memory. See blob.vbs for detail
imageType: the file format such as *.jpg, *.gif etc

GetThumbImageBytes(String imageType, LONG cx, LONG cy, LONG bRemainRatio)

Description: Get the in memory compressed thumbnail image bytes. In this way, you can get the thumbnail images of the html page in memory. See blob.vbs for detail
imageType: the file format such as *.jpg, *.gif etc
cx, cy: the desired width and height of the thumbnail
bRemainRatio: if nozero, the thumbnail image will has the same aspect ratio with large image.

LONG GetErrorCode

Description: Return the status code of last snap action. See OnStatus section below for the meaning of the error code


Description: Release the resources allocated when doing SnapUrl or SnapHtmlString.

SetLogonUser(String userName, String domainName, String passwd)

Description: This method will set the user name and password. SnapUrl will do impersonation with the specified user name and convert html to image under that user account. This method is useful for using html snapshot in IIS with ASP or ASP.Net etc.

SetForceSnap(LONG bForceSnap)

Description: This method will make the component to capture the browser image even the time is out in some case.

SnapWebBrowser(WebBrowswer browserObject, String strFile)

Description: This method will capture the content in existing web browser window into image files like jpg, tiff, png, gif etc. browserObject is a IDispatch pointer to the browser object. strFile is similar to the file name in calling SnapUrl

SetSnapUrlWorkingMode(LONG nMethod)

Description: Set the working mode of SnapUrl. 0 is the normal method. 1 is to use the method as SnapWebBrowser

DrawTxt(LONG x, LONG y, String strText, LONG nFontSize, LONG nColor, String strFontName)

Description: draw watermark text on the snapped image at the specificed position with the given size, color and font

SetAuthUserAndPasswd(String userName, String password)

Description: set http authentication user name and password so that SnapUrl can bypass the autentication dialog automacically.

IsGoodUrlForSnap(String strUrl)

Description: return 1 if the strURL's content type is text/html, else return 0


void OnProgress(LONG nPos)


This event tells the downloading progress of the webpage by the Web Browser. Just like what is seen in the Internet Explorer itself. nPos is between 0 and 100.

void OnStatus(String strStatus, LONG nCode)


This event tells the state of the HTML Snapshot control. strStatus is the string description of the state. nCode is the state code, it can has the following value:

0: The normal state.

1: The snapshot is successfully taken.

-1: Fail to take the snapshot of the page.

-2: Fail to save to file.

-3: Fail to open the URL.

-4: Time is out before taking a snapshot

Applications can use the above code to do correspondent actions.


The files that need to redistribute HTML Snapshot Component with applications are:

HtmlSnap2.dll: the component itself. It needs to be registered as ActiveX by regsvr32 or setup program.

gdiplus.dll: gdiplus.dll: the GDI+ runtime from Microsoft. It may be needed on the Windows version lower than Windows XP.

Once registered, you can redistribute HtmlSnapshot ActiveX royalty-freely. (For details about redistribution, please refer to the license agreement).