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02/10/2013 It is a new year. We will continue refining our products and innovate based on customerís feedback. Thanks for all the support.
06/18/2006 PDF Stamper product released
04/16/2006 Html2image for Linux product released
03/19/2006 TIFF To PDF product released
01/14/2006 Blog Updated. Subscribe RSS to get latest news about Guangming Software
01/06/2005 Audio Record Component Version 2.0.2006.103 Released.
09/07/2005 PDF Split Merge Version 1.0.2005.907 Released.
08/08/2005 HtmlSnapshot Version 2.0.2005.808 Released.
08/01/2005 Audio Record Component Version 2.0.2005.801 Released.
06/08/2005 Speak Aloud Version 2.0.2005.608 Released.
06/05/2005 PDF Security Component Version 2.0.2005.604 Released.
06/05/2005 News web page added.