HTML Snapshot ActiveX Component

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08/19/2012 +Update: fully support to convert html to jpg, jpeg on windows 8
07/31/2010 +Fix: bug under x64, auto registeration in x64
02/08/2010 +Update: some small bug fixes
04/01/2009 +Update: java sample and vs2009, windows 7 support
04/01/2008 +Add: proxy support
02/08/2008 +Add: support converting html to image with firefox rendering engine (gecko)
12/22/2007 +Add: support multipage TIFF file
11/18/2007 +Some small bug fixes
07/06/2007 +Update: Add a method to detect the content type of a URL
05/01/2007 +Update: Java demo, x64 and .Net wrapper version updated.
01/01/2007 +Add: Draw text function and new demos
12/10/2006 +Add: Ruby example (convert html to image in Ruby on Rails, ROR). x64 experimental version
11/18/2006 +Add: AutoClipMargin method to remove nosense white area in the image converted from html

10/18/2006 +Add: SetSnapUrlWorkingMode method
09/22/2006 +Add: SnapWebBrowser method and demo
08/26/2006 +Fix: Support IE 7 on XP SP2 and Vista
04/26/2006 +Add: convert html to EMF and WMF. Add GIF transparency support
03/25/2006 Improve large html image support
02/11/2006 +Add: Samples in Windev from Gilbert
01/15/2006 +Add: Update C# demo, provide a strong named dll for .Net, add meta refresh support
10/06/2005 +Add: Add PowerBuilder, Visual FoxPro demo. And some small fixes.
09/29/2005 +Add: Update document
08/08/2005 +Add: SetDPI method to change DPI. Update VC demo.
05/01/2005 +Add: GetThumbImageBytes method and .Tif extension support
03/26/2005 +Add: GetImageBytes method
03/02/2005 +Add: SetZoom method
02/01/2005 +Fix: Minor bug fix
01/01/2005 +Add: Dither support

11/25/2004 +Add: Allow changing  the compression method of TIFF
11/15/2004 +Add: Java, Python examples
11/07/2004 +Update to 2.1, add some powerful functions for advanced users
10/29/2004 +Fix: Kill popup.
                       +Add:GetBitmapHandle method
10/21/2004 +Add: "GetFrames" method
10/16/2004 +Fix:a bug in Win98
10/15/2004 Now support converting html string to image
10/5/2004 Add time out error code for SnapUrl.
9/26/2004 Add PHP, Perl examples. Add SetSnapDimension method
9/25/2004 Add Delphi example, and google page rank free feature.
9/18/2004 Version2.0 as ActiveX component. Add ASP, ASP.Net and Script examples
9/16/2004 Add VB.Net, VC# Example
8/01/2004 Initial Release, convert html to image, html to jpg

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