HTML Snapshot ActiveX Component

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1. What image format does HTML Snapshot support?
Answer: It supports converting html to jpg, html to png, html to gif, html to tiff and html to bmp and html to wmf/emf.

2. Does it support pages with flash animation?
Answer: YES. Flash animation is implemented as ActiveX by IE. HTML Snapshot has a method EnableActiveX to control whether enabling ActiveX or not. There are similar methods for scripts, java applet.

3. What languages does it support?
Answer: A lot. The component is based on ActiveX, which can be used with VB Script, Java script, Perl, Php, Python, ASP, ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#, VB6, Cold Fusion, Delphi, VC++, Java etc. We have provided examples for all of the above languages.

4. Does it capture the full html page?
Answer: YES. By default, HTML Snapshot will convert the whole html page to image. The image size is determined by the IE browser. However, you can limit the image size by calling SetSnapDimension method.

5. How do I register the component?
Answer: Once you buy the component, a registration code will be sent to you by email. After creating an object instance of HTML Snapshot in your favorite programming languages, calling the SetCode method with the code you got by email before converting html page to image. In this way, every limitation in trial mode will be removed.

'Here is a quick example in VB Script:

Dim snap

'Create the Html Snapshot Object
Set snap = CreateObject("HTMLSNAP2.HtmlSnap.1")

'Set your code here
snap.SetCode "Your license code here"

'Then do what ever you like ...

6. Why does the image captured on my server look in poor color quality?
Answer: Html Snapshot need to render the image with screen device. So the screen device should be in high color such as 24 bit mode to gain the best image quality. This is by design.

7. Can you do custom development for special usage?
Answer: Sure. Please tell us what you need and we can discuss a cost, and then develop custom version on schedule just for you.

8. Does html snapshot depend on IE?
Answer: You can now convert html to image using the firefox rendering engine (gecko) by installing Firefox Addon for HtmlSnapshot )

9. Does html snapshort support html to image on 64 bit Windows ?
Answer: Yes, it can run without problem on 64 bit windows. It supports converting html to jpg, html to png, html to gif, html to tiff and html to bmp and html to wmf/emf on all 64 bit windows editions.

10. Do you have source code license for html snapshot?
Answer: Yes. We do have source code release and license. If you want the source code of html snapshot ("html to image" component), please send email to us with the information about your company and user scenerios. We can discuss detail about the license after that.