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Html To Image 2.0 Released!

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 Html To Image helps you convert html page from any URL to image or thumbnails easily and quickly.  It captures the whole web page's content into JPG, BMP, PNG, TIFF or GIF on the fly.
Convert your html to image or html to jpg now!

Html To Image can be seamlessly integrated with your Internet Explorer. After installed, you can access html to image functionality from the context menu of IE by clicking the right mouse button. Then you can convert html to jpg instantly while you are surfing.

Html To Image is specially designed for batch converting a lot of web pages. Not only html files, the plain text files as well as the Web Archive Format (*.MHT) files can be converted to image in batch mode.

Html To Image also supports drag drop operations. You can drag local html or text files from explorer's folders or search results to the URL window without manually entering the URLs, which will save you a lot of time.

Free Download & Try Now . No functionality limitation except watermarks in the generated image for the unregistered version.
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If you are looking for a solution that converts html to image on linux. Please try Html To Image Linux


Html To Image is very easy to use, just  See a Demo! and then you are the master of it.

Here is the image of this page converted by Html To Image.  Also an exmaple below:


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Html2image for linux is released. You can convert html to image easily on your linux servers.

See what the users say about Html To Image:

An easy to use html to image converters

"I just love your Html to Image Software. It has made my life a lot easier,  It's so fast and simple to use, I recommend this program to anyone wanting to convert Html to Image! Thanks for making this software, and for the constant software updates, too!"
— Justin

We are committed to improving Html To Image constantly. See History

Html To Image is also web designer's good assistant.

Web Designer's assistant

Are you an web designer who want to convert your work into graphics for customer preview? You can now use Html To Image to do it with a few clicks. Unlike using Alt+PrtScr (Print Screen) to copy screen and paste together, Html to Image captures the whole page in one step.

Web Creations By Teri is using our software to help their business. They convert html design into image format like JPG or PNG so the customers can preview their design.

I can create a web page that has a number of different components (text, images, tables etc) with FrontPage and convert it to a single jpg image with html to image. ---Bert

We have posted a series of blog articles on html snapshot. This can be viewed as knowledge base for html to image product line. Feel free to read it.

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  • Directly save the web page at a given URL into image in bmp, jpeg, tiff, gif or png format.
  • Create thumbnail images from large images.
  • Batch conversion is supported.
  • Integrate with Internet Explorer's context menu.
  • Support converting local HTML, MHT, TXT files to image.
  • Support JPEG compression level
  • Support capturing site with flash content.
  • Run at background, web pages don't need to be displayed for capturing.
  • Support drag drop HTML, MHT, TXT files to convert
  • Support URL file, now you can convert your favorite site to image
  • Support error log
  • Enable setting image file name for each URL



HTML Tools


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System Requirements:

All Windows  versions, Internet Explorer 5 above, Internet connection


  •  Click "Convert" button, enter a list of URL in the following edit box. You can load the URL from a file or from current opened browser window. And you can also add a list of local HTML files as URL.  Also you can drag local files from explorer into the URL edit box.

Click GO to convert the URLs to images. The images is saved in output folder set in the Options screen.

Load URL: load URL list from a text file

Save URL: save URL list to text file

Go: begin to convert html to images in the URL list one by one.

Browser: get URL from current opened Internet Explorer browser windows

Add File: add local text, mht or html file as URL, then they can be converted to images.
URL file is also supported. You can convert your favorite site to image now!

Folder: go to output file folder

  • Click "Option" button to set some control options of the program.

Output Dir: the output directory to store images

Time Out: if the html page can not be fully downloaded in the given time, the program will treat it as a time out event. It will continue to process next URL.

Page Width, Height: set the size of the converted image. if Width is 0, then use the full width of the html page. if the html page width is larger than Width, then it is cropped to get the final results. This applys to Height similarly.

Image Format: choose the image format. Currently support JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG and TIFF format. When saving to JPG format, the compression quality can be adjusted.

Create thumbnail after getting the pages: check this if you want to get a small image from the large one.

Thumbnail Width, Height: control the size of the thumbnail image.

Overwrite existing image file: choose if overwriting the existing image file with the same name.

Name file: choose the method to name the image files.

  • Click "Register" button to register Html To Image with the valid registration code, this will remove the limitations in trial mode.

To register, enter your name and code in the correspondent edit box on the right, then click "Register Me"


  •  Invoke Html To Image from Internet Explorer. After installation, Html To Image can be invoked with the context menu (right mouse click) of Internet Explorer by clicking the "Html To Image" menu item. You can use this function if you want to save the current web page while your are surfing. 


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10/01/2009 +Update 2009 edition, fix a couple of issues
01/18/2008 +Update 2008 edition
03/08/2007 +Update 2007 edition
11/18/2006 +Add: Custom file name setting in the url list directly
08/26/2006 +Add: Add log function, save error in C:\html2image.log
01/05/2005 +Add: Support *.url file. Now the window can be resizable.
12/22/2004 +Add:Shell drag drop support and minor fixes
11/07/2004 +Fix: Now the size will be exactly the same as you set in options
10/16/2004 +Fix: stack overflow under Win98
10/10/2004 +Fix: disable FPU exception
                         +New: Allow manually naming files
10/9/2004 +New: Support JPEG quality control
10/8/2004 +New: Add local HTML files as URL
10/5/2004 First public release, Html to image, html to jpg support