PDF Split Merge ActiveX Component

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Split(String inputPdf, String split Ranges, String outputPdf)

Description: Split pdf into serveral PDF files by page range.
inputPdf: the pdf to be split
splitRanges: Ranges is defined by page ranges. Each range of pages will be split into a new output pdf. Ranges are separate by character ";". For example, "1;1;1", will generate three pdfs which contains the first page of the inputPdf. "1;2;3;4;1-2,3-4;1", the fifth output pdf will be made up of the 1, 2, 3, 4 page of inputPdf.
outputPdf : output pdf is named with numbers. The name could be "output%d".pdf or "%d.pdf", the component will automatically replace the "%d" with the number of output pdf file in those strings.

Merge(String inputPdfs, String outputPdf)

Description: merge several pdf files into a big pdf file.
inputPdfs: the pdfs to be merged. The files are separated by character "|". For each file, a range can be specified too. For example, "1.pdf|2.pdf" can be used to merge the two pdf files. "1.pdf?1-2|2.pdf?3-4" can be used to merge the 1-2 and 3-4 page of the 1.pdf and 2.pdf.
outputPdf: the output pdf file

LONG GetNumberOfPages(String pdfFile, String password)

Description: get the page number of a pdf file

pdfFile: the pdf file
password: password for opening the pdf. If no password, just pass a empty string "".


The files that need to redistribute PDF Split Merge Component with applications are:

PDFSplitMerge.dll: the component itself. It needs to be registered as ActiveX by regsvr32 or setup program.

PDFKit.dll: the underline PDF library

Once registered, you can redistribute PDF Split Merge Component royalty-freely. (For details about redistribution, please refer to the license agreement)