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MP3 Stream Creator 2.0 Released!

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Have you want to add"Streaming Audio" on your web site. Have you ever want to add "mp3 stream" to speak the content aloud to your visitor? MP3 Stream creator is just what you need .

MP3 Stream Creator converts MP3 to SWF in batch mode. It can re-encode MP3 or WAV into new MP3 in different bitrate to fit your bandwidth best.

MP3 Stream Creator also provides nice audio controller in flash movie format so the streaming audio can be easily controlled. Here is an example:

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The file sizes for the mp3's were very large (3 to 4 megs). I get almost the same audio quality using your program at 24 kbps (22 Khz) with one fourth the file size. And you get the "streaming effect" so that the songs begin playing very quickly . -------- Bob Logan

Note: If you are a programmer looking for a component to convert text to mp3, or convert mp3 to swf, please try our Active TTS Component.


  • Batch convert MP3 to SWF, WAV to SWF
  • Add streaming audio to your website easily
  • Support various encoding format of MP3
  • Support loop playing SWF.
  • Allow adjusting the frame rate of SWF
  • Support nice UI controllers
  • Support drag drop
  • Supports Windows Vista

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System Requirements:

All Windows Version, Macromedia Flash 5 above


Simply add mp3 or wav files to the file list, then click convert! Wait for a while, your streaming audio swf will be created automatically by MP3 Stream Creator.

Want more control? Sure, you can change the stream format to fit your network bandwidth design. And you can choose a nice UI control button for your streaming audio.


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10/01/2009 +Update: Fix UI bugs
05/01/2009 +Update: Support Windows 7
02/08/2007 +Fix: Bug fixes and support Windows Vista
04/08/2006+Fix: Add some error handling when converting mp3 to swf
03/12/2005 +Update: Add some controls and adjust frame rate
03/06/2005 +Update: Help file and small updates
01/05/2005 Initial Release