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Active Audio Record 2.0 Released

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Do you ever want to add audio recording feature to your program? Active Audio Record is what you want. It can directly record audio to mp3, wav, wma, ogg, au, aiff and vox audio file. You have full control on the quality of the audio file by setting the encoding parameters. Add audio record function to your programs now!

Active Audio Record supports standard sound cards. It can support multiple sound cards as well as multiple device lines defined by the sound mixer. You can record sound from any source such as online streaming audio, radio, audio players (i.e. Media Player, WinAmp, Real Player etc), midi, microphone, CD, Tapes & LPs or line-in easily. Record stream audio easily now!

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Silence detection is another cool feature of Active Audio Record. By enabling silence detection (i.e Voice Activity Detection), Active Audio Record will skip the silence at the beginning of recording. It also reports the length of the latest continuous silence chunk during recording, so you can add song splitting feature based on silence. Create your audio record applications with Active Audio Record now!

Implemented as ATL ActiveX object, Active Audio Record can be easily integrated into applications written in languages that support ActiveX Component such as Visual C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, C++ Builder, .Net languages like C#, VB.Net,  Java, Scripts like Perl, Php, Python, ASP.Net.

My fellow programmers, don't spend your precious time to reinvent the wheel now. Get Active Audio Record for ONLY $149.95 NOW!  Then you can easily add the "audio record " function to your web or desktop applications. You can call it from your favorite development tools. Many working examples are supplied. Just have a look at them, you will find Active Audio Record is so easy to use.

'Here is a quick example in VB Script:

Dim rec
Set rec = CreateObject("AudioCtl.AudioRecord.1")

'Select sound device 0
rec.DeviceIndex = 0

'Set output file
rec.SetOutputFileName "1.mp3"

'Start record with given parameters, record mp3 audio
rec.StartRecord 2, 11025

'Record for 10 secs
WScript.Sleep 10000

'Stop Record

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Cool features -it records audio on the fly in a few lines of code. Save me weeks of development time. The silence detection feature is excellent. I am happy to add
"record mp3 audio" feature to my app.

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We are committed to improving Active Audio Record component constantly. See History

Highlight Features:

  • Directly record audio to wav, mp3, wma, ogg, vox, au, aiff, mp4 and flac format on the fly without temporary files created.
  • Support multiple sound cards and mixer lines.
  • Set volume level for mixer line.
  • Silence detection during recording.
  • Support recording stereo channel audio file into two mono audio files
  • Get audio channel volume level.
  • Support wav, wma and mp3 playing.
  • Support WMA lossless codec
  • Support WMA speech codec which can create super small files for voice recording.
  • Support ID3 tagging of mp3 and WMA tagging, OGG and FLAC tags
  • Support getting the raw PCM data buffer
  • Examples in VB, VBScript, C#, Perl, JScript, VB.Net, Delphi, C++ Builder, Access are provided.
  • It can even be used to record audio in web page.
  • Support getting raw PCM data when recording
  • Support playing VOX file
  • Support recording in web browser and upload the recorded video to web sites
  • .Net ready and Vista compatible component
  • Support recording volume adjusting in Vista
  • Supprot 64 bit windows (x64). Now you can record audio easily on 64 bit windows




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System Requirements:

Windows 98 and above, Sound card


LONG GetDeviceCount

Description: Get the number of sound device

LONG GetDeviceName(LONG idx)

Description: Get the name of sound device with the given idx.

LONG DeviceIndex

Description: Property. get/set the current sound device for recording

SetOutputFileName(String strFile)

Description: Set the name of the output file

StartRecord(LONG nChannel, LONG nSamplerate)

Description: Start recording with the recording parameters. These parameters are sent to sound card.
nChannel: the channel of recording, can be 1 or 2
nSamplerate: the sampling rate of recording, usually can be 44100, 22050, 11025.


Description: stop recording

LONG GetDeviceLineCount

Description: get the number of mixer lines

LONG DeviceLineIndex

Description: Property. get/set the current mixer line index for recording

LONG DeviceLineVolume

Description: Property. get/set the volume of current mixer line, between 0 and 100

GetDeviceLineName(LONG idx)

Description: get the name of the mixer line

LONG GetRecordTime

Description: get the time of recording in seconds

LONG GetSilenceTime

Description: get the time of current silence block during recording

LONG GetLeftInputLevel

Description: get the volume level of left channel, between 0 and 32768

LONG GetRightInputLevel

Description: get the volume level of right channel, between 0 and 32768

LONG SetSilenceLevel

Description: set the volume level of silence threshold, between 0 and 32768

LONG SetDetectSilence

Description: set if detecting silence during recording

LONG FileFormat

Description: Property, get/set the output audio file format. Currently support AIFF(6), AU(5), VOX(4), OGG(3), WMA(2), MP3 (1) and WAV (0). The default format is MP3.

LONG WaveFormatCount

Description: Property, get the encoding format count of current file format

LONG WaveFormatIdx

Description: Property, get/set the encoding format of current file format

LONG WaveFormatName

Description: Property, get the description of encoding format.

SetCode(String strCode)


strCode : Set the registration code to eliminate the limitation in trial version.


Description: when recording, you may meet a long time silence. You can call this function to tell the component not to write the following silence data to the audio file. Thus the total file size can be smaller.

DOUBLE GetTotalSilenceTime

Description: return the silence length (in seconds) in the recorded audio

StartSoftMixer, StopSoftMixer, SetMixerOutputFile

Description: if you have two sound cards, these three functions can be used to mix the two recording stream from the two sound cards into one output file.

LevelToDB, DBToLevel

Description: small functions to convert between audio level and decible.


Description: Property. get the device line type, which can be LINEIN (1), MICROPHONE(2), WAVEOUT(3), UNKNOWN(0)


Description: return the default record device name from registry


Description: return byte array of the wave data. The wave bitrate and channel are the same to StartRecord. Advancer users can use this method to do their own work on the raw PCM wave data


void OnPCMWaveData(LONG nPos)

Indicate a chunk of wave data is ready. User can call GetPCMWaveData to get the wave data

About meta tagging

To do meta tagging on mp3, WMA files, you need to create a metatagger object.

set meta = CreateObject("AudioCtl.MetaData.1")
'Set the audio file name
meta.AudioFile = "1.mp3"
'Now, you can get or put tag information. The typical ID3 tag set is supported.
msgbox meta.Artist + "|" + meta.Title + "|" + meta.Description + "|" + meta.Album + "|" + meta.Year + "|" + meta.Genre + "|" + CStr(meta.Track)
meta.Description = "Test"
'Update the tag in the file

meta tagging object also supports MP3 album picture tag. See the embedimage.vbs demo for details.

About audio playing

Currently it supports WMA, MP3, OGG and WAVE playing. See the play.vbs demo for details.


The files that need to redistribute Active Audio Record with applications are:

AudioCtl.dll: the component itself. It needs to be registered as ActiveX by regsrv32 or setup program.

lame_enc.dll: the mp3 encoder

WMFDist.exe: Wma support files. Optional.

Once registered, you can redistribute Active Audio Record royalty-freely. (For details about redistribution, please refer to the license agreement)


If you have any questions or suggestions regards to Active Audio Record. Please feel free to email us: Guangming Software or


  • How do I register the component?
    Answer: Once you buy the component, a registration code will be sent to you by email. After creating an object instance of Active Audio Record in your favorite programming languages, calling the SetCode method with the code you got by email before recording. In this way, every limitation in trial mode will be removed.
  • 'Here is a quick example in VB Script:

    Dim rec

    'Create the Audio Record Object
    Set rec = CreateObject("AudioCtl.AudioRecord.1")

    'Set your code here
    rec.SetCode "Your license code here"

    'Then do what ever you like ...

  • Can you do custom development for special usage?
    Answer: Sure. Please tell us what you need and we can discuss a cost, and then develop custom version on schedule just for you.


08/01/2010 +Update:Better 64 bit support in installer
11/03/2007 +Update:Fix record and upload demo
07/26/2007 +Update:Fix OGG issue
05/01/2007 +Update: codecs and demos, , x64 experimental release
01/18/2007 +Add: new demos and methods
12/06/2006 +Fix: Fix Vista bugs
10/18/2006 +Add: Audio record and upload demo
09/18/2006 +Fix the problem to get the default audio device name
08/12/2006 +Update the demos, support play VOX file
07/15/2006 +Fix: Initialization issue, add the wave data event
06/06/2006 +Fix: Install hang issue in Vista
05/03/2006 +Fix: VBR Mp3 issue and play seeking issue
01/03/2006 +Add: DeviceLineType property, GetDefaultDeviceName method,
+Add: WMA lossless and speech codec support (the format name has "lossless" or "speech")
10/01/2005 +Add: Support audio record in IE, provide html demo
07/09/2005 +Add: FLAC, OGG comment tags support
05/03/2005 +Add: FLAC, MP4 format support and Delphi example
04/16/2005 +Add: Document updated. Support pause and resume recording.
03/21/2005 +Add: Support playing mp3, wav, wma audio, support tagging mp3, wma files
01/30/2005 +Add: Perl, JScript, VB.Net examples added
01/09/2005 +Add: C# example added
12/26/2004 Initial Release, record audio mp3, wma, ogg etc